Runny Race

In Science we had to experiment these liquids in a runny race

Water, Oil and Honey

I thought oil would come out fastest because it was the lightest liquid out of water and honey.

I was wrong,  was actually  water that was the fastest liquid.

Oil was the second fastest liquid and Honey was the slowest liquid.

My Family is a zoo

My Dad is a Lion, He is the leader of the pack,

My Mum is a zoo keeper, She is always cleaning up after us,

Jaydah is a monkey, She is always crazy,

Zahra is a monkey, She is always crazy,

Lillie is a Fly, She is always annoying,

I am a Cheetah, I run very fast,

Turbo is a Tiger, He is always pouncing around,

Tyge is a Tiger, He is always lerking in the bush’s.

Together we are a Family.

writing a post

What is a post?

Mrs Davey’s PE blog.



Snap chat



My classroom

Google drive


Paper plan


email, gmail


you tube



AFL blogs


What you can post on a blog?


Favroute football team

What happened to you

What your going to do

Be polite

What can’t you tell people on blog’s?

Where you live

Where you go to school and what time

Where you play sport

What your credit card details

using your photo

Other peoples details

Copy images or take photos of other people without their permission

Can’t be negative

full name

personal infomation